Mikaley Osley

Mikaley "Kales" Osley started making YouTube videos in 2012 with her sister, Vlogbrothers-style. Those videos led to a job at running her university's YouTube channel. That job led to a social media internship at NASA and then, she combined those skills and her lifelong love of books into a booktube channel: KalesKorner. There, she created the online trivia game show, BookBattles, which has hosted bestselling YA authors and contestants from all over the world. That game show caught the attention of her childhood bookstore, Tattered Cover Book Store, and they offered her a gig to host book trivia live in the store. That gig led to her current job as Events & Marketing Manager at Tattered Cover. Mikaley continues to host book trivia each month and she never expected her hobbies to build her career. She also has a superpower for giving book recommendations to anyone.