Cara Wilson-Granat

Cara Wilson-Granat is a professional author and inspirational speaker. She gives talks to audiences on her books, Strength from Tragedy—Anne Frank’s Father Shares his Wisdom with an American Teen; and Strength from Nature (Simple Lessons of Life Taught By the Most Unlikely Masters: the Nature Teachers).

Her first book, Love, Otto was excerpted in the 1997 Reader’s Digest and translated into many universal languages, as well as in two editions of Chicken Soup for the Single Soul and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul.

Cara’s former career was a copywriter (TV, radio, print) for award-winning accounts in Los Angeles, Monterey and Sacramento and has created major advertising and public relations campaigns for clients in the health, education, art, business, technical, family, retail, building, hospitality, entertainment and non-profit fields. Presently, in addition to continuous freelance and fulltime writing projects and speaking engagements she also helps others write their books, love stories, blogs, newsletters, and is a Wedding Officiant. Cara, who is an avid animal activist and vegan once worked with elephants and many other animals at the L.A. Zoo.

Although she enjoyed her time as a copywriter, she is now loving her new career as a full-time author and speaker.