“The first time her laughter unfurled its wings in the wind, we knew the world would never be the same.” Brian Andreas, Story People

Lately, I’m finding myself cherishing the days that I can be outside without bracing myself for impact. The winter wind is exhausting. I find myself tensing up every muscle to battle the speed of the bitter blowing and the chill that cuts through to your bones. Spring wind is completely different. Spring wind encourages you to breathe in the fresh air. Spring wind isn’t a workout to endure. Spring wind is an invitation to move, to recognize change and growth.

Imagine that you are a sail on a boat. The sun is shining. The temperature is just perfect and a gust of wind comes out of nowhere. As a sail on a sailboat, you are designed to catch the wind and move forward. If you are tied to the mast, if you are furled, you cannot catch the wind. You cannot live your purpose. Unfurled is a term used in the nautical world that means to release or shake something out like a sail. A sail that is unfurled is open to catch that wind and propel the boat forward. Now pause...take the time again to imagine. Imagine that you are that sail. You are a sail that has just caught a spring wind. What does that sound like? What does that smell like? What does that feel like? What is your spring wind?

So how do we unfurl? I believe that laughter is how we unfurl and make ourselves available to the spring wind that refreshes and encourages growth. There is growing research that suggests that laughter is a positive change agent not just in social settings, but at a cellular level in our bodies. A few of the discovered effects of laughter include: a boost for your immune system, a decrease in the stress hormones, improved circulation and blood flow, and muscle relaxation. Laughter alters our mood and makes the present moment more bearable...much like the spring wind is an invitation to move and recognize change and growth.

Sisters, it is time to unfurl! It’s spring and that means it is time to shake out the tension of whatever winter season we have walked through. It is time to be available to catch the winds of spring! It is time to be a wind of spring for your sisters and release the magic of your laughter into the world. One of my favorite memories of my grandma is walking into a restaurant and knowing immediately that grandma was there because we could hear her laughter across the restaurant. It was her magic that she shared with the world. So...find a time to grab a soda or coffee with a friend or family member and share funny memories. Reminisce through a top 10 list of your funniest moments. Grab a comic book and go sit outside on your porch or in the park. My favorite comic series growing up was Calvin and Hobbes. (Your welcome, if you have never heard of this comedic treasure, check it out!) Make sure to create  the time and space to laugh out loud. It is time to release our brand of awesome into the universe, and I believe we do this more effectively if we take seriously the practice of unfurling through laughter. :)