Grow Your Tribe

Even if your tribe isn’t together everyday, they are still your tribe. I had the best of friends in high school. We spent everyday together, sharing countless memories and a bond like no other. I knew these would be my forever friends, my tribe. But then change happened. We all went our separate ways to different universities and started new lives. I had it in my head that I could never find any other friends as great as them, and that I shouldn’t ever try to find anybody that could possibly replace them. This was a ridiculous thought. There are so many wonderful women out there, and not allowing yourself to be open to them is the opposite of empowerment. Yes, it can be very difficult to feel like you are letting go of friends or replacing them. But the beautiful reality is that you are just opening yourself to other tribes and finding a home in so many more wonderful friendships.

When I went to school close-minded, I was shutting the door on so many great relationships because I was afraid. This fear should not follow you when finding your group of girlfriends because within those relationships could be wonderful new opportunities and opportunities for even more empowerment. Therefore, finding the right tribe can be a hard task because you have to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

All women have something amazing to add to this world, and finding those that compliment you will add joy and fuel to your life. In the next chapter of your life, find women who make you feel secure and adventurous at the same time. Find women who can push you beyond your normal limits but keep you humble. Find women that can cheer you on during your greatest accomplishments and be a shoulder to cry on when life just isn’t going your way. Find women who push you to be your best self each and every day. These newly forged relationships will not replace your old ones, but only add to your tribe.