Find YOUR Space!

Summertime is the perfect time to explore new places and to really recognize what places in your life make you feel your best.  You know what I’m talking about- those places that make you feel lighter, less stressed, and at peace when you’re in them. They make you feel content, super happy, and at your very, very best! Some of us may have a few of those places; others may have a very specific place.

This summer reminded me what that place is for me!  Hands down, mine is the mountains. Each time I’m in our beautiful mountains, I feel 100% at peace. Maybe it’s the fresh mountain air, or maybe it’s the peaceful sounds of the the river or the chirping birds. No matter the combination, the mountains calm me and keep me in the present. They show me that our world is so much more than what the daily grind might show us.  As I sit and look at the mountains, I’m reminded of their majesty and pure strength. They remind me of the things in my life that ground me and give me strength: my faith, my family, and my friends. There is something about looking at those incredible mountains and feeling that reminder so deeply. The mountains speak to me so clearly. It’s in this space where I’m able to reflect, grow, and identify my very best self! 

It’s interesting how we can clearly remember every detail when we are in our favorite spaces.  This summer in Estes Park, I remember sitting by the river and turning around to see a giant elk staring at me! Yikes! That was both terriflying and beautifully astounding! I also remember hiking through Rocky Mountain National Park and noticing details of each lake that we passed on the way. Each one presented its own beauty, and I appreciated what each one offered me on our journey.  One was filled with lily pads; one had a bridge I had to cross, and the final one was accessed by walking through snow (yes, I slipped and fell right on my butt at one point) only to reveal the most beautiful view and strength of our Rocky Mountains! It reminded me that each person we meet in this world also possesses his or her own unique beauty and has something different to offer us on our life  journey.  

What is YOUR space? Maybe it’s yoga class; maybe it’s a specific room in your home; maybe it’s the beach; maybe it’s a park, or maybe it’s sitting in your backyard?  Whatever the space, make a point to be there as much as you can. It’s in those places where we reconnect with ourselves, reflect, and become better. Just as “your people” are important, so are “your spaces”.  If you don’t know what your space is yet, no worries. Pay attention to where you might feel at peace- where you might breathe a little easier and the load on your shoulders might feel a bit lighter, where you feel truly in the present and find yourself smiling a bit more, where you feel that you can be YOU. This will be YOUR space.  Discover it, find ways to be there, and use what it offers you to be the best you! Here’s to enjoying and treasuring the time in our spaces!

Here’s to US!