Social Media Got You Down?

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I often times find myself scrolling through Instagram and closing it out feeling worse than I did when I first opened it. The posts I see have a negative effect on my mood, attitude, and feeling about myself. The content I see on my feed can make my environment feel negative around me and then make other people feel my negative energy. Social media should be utilized as a tool to connect you to accounts or people that inspire you to push forward and be better than you were yesterday. Focus on the accounts that push you to think about yourself, whether that be physically, spiritually, emotionally, or mentually. Find something that makes you feel good inside and inspires you past what you thought could inspire you. 

Some accounts I like to follow: 


Filled with women of all kinds giving speeches from and whimsical empowering quotes. 


Finding a safe space to be filled with confidence and see other women celebrating each 



To experience a community of driven and ambitious women that will make you feel like 

you can do anything. 


For those who love inspiring illustrations, this account combines artistry with quotes from 



Allow for some positivity to fuel your day, with this account created to empower women 

of all ages.

These are just a few of the accounts I enjoy looking at while I’m lying in bed at night or throughout the day if I’m feeling down. The accounts you follow and see everyday should inspire you and illustrate how you want to live your life. If you enjoyed these accounts, tag us in their comments to let us know what empowered you.