Say YES!

Yes and no. Such simple words, yet the outcome and feelings tied to each word really are powerful. The word no comes from a place of fear while yes comes from a place of confidence and openness.  Why is it then that the word no tends to be our default word at times?  Maybe it’s because we can’t possibly say yes because then we might be agreeing to do something that may not go our way, and that doesn’t always feel good. For example, we may have to show up to do something new, or we may have to be around people we’ve never met. That does not sound comfortable!   Our mind immediately says: “Just say no. It’s much safer and much easier!”

What is it about this yes word?  We may even think yes, but all of a sudden here goes our fear mongering brain again saying  “Well, if I say yes, I am committing to something. Ut-Oh. That’s not good. After all, over-committing definitely is not good for me.”  Does any of this sound familiar? Gosh- our brains and thoughts can really mess with us! It doesn’t have to be this way at all! Instead, what if saying yes means that we are passionately committing to ourselves and to those we care about? Or what if saying yes pushes us to a brand new opportunity or a new person in our life?  It’s true! Think about it! How do you feel when you say yes? Do you feel excited? Empowered? A little nervous (in a good way)? And how do you feel when you say no? Maybe you feel disappointed? Or regretful or maybe even sad?

This past summer, I participated in a study with some girlfriends, and we began talking about how powerful the word yes is in life.  It’s one of those affirming words that carries so much GOOD, and it’s just not talked about enough. Say YES to trying new things; say YES to meeting new people in new places, and say YES as often as you can! You will notice what a difference it really makes- you will notice the huge change in your life. You will be empowered, you will feel open, confident, and brave!  So, the next time you really want to say no to something new, consider saying yes instead! Go get it girls! YES!