All Good Things Must Come To An End

All good things must come to an end. My mom used to tell me that when my friends would go back home after a “playdate.” I never thought that phrase would come into play again during high school. But the reality is that my mom was right. All good things will end. Lately, I have been listening to seniors and how excited they are for their new lives that start in a couple of months. I never thought that I would be next. High school is ending. It is only four years of our lives. It is such an amazing place and stage in my life that will end, and it won’t stop there.

I can’t imagine my high school life ending. I can’t imagine any of it ending. Leaving everything and everyone I’ve ever known. Starting over. It happens to everyone. Everyone moves on, keeps going, that’s life. It’s terrifying. No more Homecomings, Proms, Wish Weeks, cheering on the sidelines of all the sports teams. It will end. I am starting to come to terms with it because this is what happens. It won’t stop here. College will happen. College will end. Relationships form. Relationships end. It’s just how life is. It all seems so depressing and heartbreaking, but that’s not the case. We must keep in mind that this is the reality, but it is what is supposed to happen. We are meant to change, meet new people, find new places. I hear my friends talk about how scared they are to leave this wonderful place, and of course I am too, but it truly is a good thing.

Change may be sad and difficult, but it is part of something larger. One door closes, another opens. A good thing ends, another begins. This part of our lives may be extremely difficult and spine-chilling, but it is meant to happen. I keep thinking about how hard it will be when high school is over for me, but really, I know it will be amazing. New people, new home, new life. It is truly exhilarating. Just because something is sorrowful, doesn’t mean that something great won’t come out of it.

The truth is, we are never ready for that playdate to end, but it has to. It will end. And that is okay. We will be okay. We have been preparing for our high school journey to end, and for another to begin. We need to embrace the change that is occurring in our lives. We need to find our people and hold them as tight as we can for as long as we can. Change is happening and it won’t stop no matter how hard we want it to. It is meant to be. The best advice I can give to anyone is to change. Be the best version of yourself. Be ready for new people and new experiences. It is a exceptional thing, so go for it with full force. High school will end, but new greater things will begin. So, be ready for all good things to come to an end and embrace the new things that take their place.